Great! You can hit your target while standing on a fixed spot, with a
perfect sight picture. Now let’s turn up the heat a little bit...

The NRA Personal Protection In The Home course builds upon the techniques you learned in Basic Pistol shooting, while adding new tools and honing your shooting abilities with the introduction of different shooting positions from either their left or right hands.

Additionally students will learn about the protective mindset, awareness, avoidance of harmful situations, and evasion.

And should you have to use physical or deadly physical force to save your life (or that of a loved one), we also discuss the physiological and psychological responses every human experiences in life-threatening situations.

The lesson also takes a look at potential familial, social, societal, and ramifications of having been involved in a deadly-force encounter. Students are also guided through a possible journey through the civil and criminal legal systems.

A Personal Protection In The Home