Ideal introductory training for the novice or intermediate shooter, the NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting class covers the safety, nomenclature, maintenance, operation, and marksmanship of manual-action and semi-automatic shotguns. We break down this 10-hour course into two days for safety reasons. The first day consists of classroom time where students learn safety, terminology, and a hands-on introduction to the different types of shotguns. Day-1 is concluded with a briefing on range rules for Day-2.

The second day is primarily range time...this is where we put your new skills to work! Students will get to shoot a variety of manual-action and semi-automatic shotguns, in an array of gauges, providing you with practical experience for when you choose to purchase a shotgun for yourself!

Student age and participation depends entirely upon maturity and attitude!

Cost is same as Basic Rifle (don't have that in front of me but I think it is already on the site anyway.

NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting